Harvey offers Hilarity

Fall play interview. John Martin interviewed Mr. Kevin Juguilon, director of Elyria Catholic's fall play Harvey, which was performed November 14, 16, and 17. The students' embraced their quirky roles with talent and energy, and audiHarverHHences were left wanting more. What is the name of the play? Harvey by Mary Chase How popular is this play? Harvey... Continue Reading →


Fall and Halloween Jokes to Tell Your Friends

By Jacob Walther Well, it is officially fall and Halloween is just around the corner! Here are some spooky and ‘cool’ jokes and riddles to tell your friends this season. Q: Why didn’t the skeleton want to go to school? Q: What room does a ghost not need in his home? Q: What kind of... Continue Reading →

Exciting EC Students

Jacob Walther I had the time and pleasure to interview the student body here at Elyria Catholic. Here’s a look at what they said! SENIOR Alexis Casner Q: What would you say has been your favorite experience at EC being  a senior? A: I have enjoyed getting to have one last year with all of... Continue Reading →

Tips and Tricks for Homecoming

  By Caroline Zawtocki Here are some tips for finding your perfect homecoming dress last minute: Order a couple of dresses and try them all on and see which one best fits your kind of style Dillard's is a good store to buy homecoming dresses Nordstrom Rack has a bunch of nice homecoming dress options... Continue Reading →

Freshmen Thoughts on Homecoming

Freshman Thoughts and Worries on Homecoming By Chloe Thornburg Have you ever given homecoming any serious thought? I mean most people at Elyria Catholic have been to homecoming at least once. When was the last time someone considered what a freshman thinks about it?  I mean probably when you were a freshman, right? Well, flashback... Continue Reading →


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