Halloween with Mrs. Hricovec


By Chloe Thornburg

As we all know, there are many holidays in the year. Since it’s October, one particular holiday stands out this month. Halloween! Halloween is a nationally celebrated holiday that celebrates death and our deceased loved ones. This amazing holiday is celebrated in the fall and has many more activities involved than just going apple picking. Most families, like Mrs. Hricovec’s family, go to a pumpkin patch or the fall festival. Mrs. Hricovec does a lot of cool things for Halloween actually. She and her family (4 kids & her husband, 1 rabbit, 7 sheep, 25 chickens) celebrate Halloween by spending time with family and passing out full sized candy bars. Mrs. Hricovec invites her nieces and nephews over for pizza and then her husband goes trick-or-treating with their kids while she passes out full sized candy bars! Lastly I would like to add that Mrs. Hricovec’s favorite pie is apple pie! Perfect since this is apple picking season! Happy Spooky Season!


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