Aim for the Donuts! EC Girls’ Tennis Team


By Celina Seo

If the word “donuts” caught your attention and that’s why you clicked this article, you are about to learn a fun fact about donuts today! It is a universal truth that many human beings like donuts. But did you know that the tennis players can make donuts in their games? Here’s why. Tennis players can make a donut by winning the game by six to zero, zero being the donut. Also, tennis players love to treat themselves with sweets like donuts after winning their games. Although it is not exactly a donut, Elyria Catholic Tennis girls love to get ice cream after their victory.

The members of the team are Natalie Byrne (sophomore), Victoria Collins (senior), Caylin Dages (junior), Amaya Kender (senior), Celina Seo (junior), Elizabeth Wenner (junior), and Abbey Yenco (senior). These girls practiced ardently under the burning sun of July and played until September, when the breeze of fall began. Though the high school matches are over, the team will participate in the upcoming tournament next week at Rocky River. Here is the lineup for the tournament: first singles Amaya Kender, second singles Victoria Collins, first doubles Abbey Yenco and Natalie Byrne, and second doubles Elizabeth Wenner and Caliyn Dages.  Good luck to our girls!

This year’s coach of this marvelous team is Miss Ruth Farmakidis. She is the new member of Elyria Catholic this year in the social studies department. Miss Farmakidis is from North Carolina but she lived in Cleveland before she lived there. She has been to many countries in Europe because her relatives live in Greece. Her love for tennis started when she was about twelve years old. She was a notable player in  Fairview High School and even went to many championships. When she was asked why she loves tennis, she said that it is because tennis is a lifelong sport. She also added that tennis is a perfect sport for socializing. It develops comraderie among the players because it is a gentle sport. So anyone interested in joining sports, tennis would be a great option.

Miss Farmakidis also acknowledged each of her players. She described Amaya as a leader and responsible organizer of the team. Vicki is a “solid singles player” that coach can depend on. Abbey is the jokester of the team. The coach said she laughs at anything at anytime which makes the entire team laugh. Although Liz and Cailyn are new, they showed great strides to learn how to play tennis. Coach said she was surprised by Liz’s ability to serve and Cailyn’s improvement. Last but not least, Natalie is the sweetheart on the team. She encourages the team with her kindness. The coach also said, “Bless her little heart.”

The Elyria Catholic Tennis team ended their season this year but opportunity to join the team is available to any freshman, sophomore, and junior girls next year. It is okay if you have never held or seen a tennis racquet in your life. We have an awesome coach to teach you and welcoming teammates to encourage you!


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