Preventing heat-related illnesses in a school that is not air conditioned


By John Martin

It is still summer, and the temperatures are high. We need to keep cool to prevent heat-related illnesses to carry out our day- to-day activities.

There are many ways to prevent heat-related illnesses. The first and most important is to drink plenty of water. Drink about two liters of water a day; maybe bring a water bottle to class. The best way to stay hydrated is to drink water in small sips regularly rather than all at once.

Another way is to limit your time in the heat. Take frequent breaks so you can recover, find some shade or go indoors. If you are exercising, be sure to take breaks to recover and hydrate. Also, spend some time in the heat to get used to it so when you need to be out in the heat. It will be less likely that your body will be overwhelmed.

Be sure to wear cool, loose, clothing that will cover your skin and prevent sunburn, Moisture wicking clothing will remove sweat and help keep you cool.

Finally, be smart, if there is a reason you need to keep out of the heat, just stay out of the heat. If you feel like you are getting too hot, stop what you are doing and cool down. You need to be the first person to know if you are having a problem with the heat. Stay safe and have a fantastic rest of the summer.


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