Girl’s Golf

By Ashley Hoge

September 18, 2018

Girls golf played 2 matches last week. Tuesday’s match was a tri-match against Lutheran West and Bay High School at Sweetbriar Golf Club. The course has many water hazards and can be challenging. Due to the recent amount of rain the golf course was wet and muddy; not the most desirable conditions, to say the least. After a few hard putts and drives that did not go the distance we hoped, we won the match with a total score of 215! Lutheran West shot a 223 and Bay High shot a 261.

Senior Paige Sexstella is splitting her time to play for both the boys and girls’ golf teams and shot a 48. Madelyn Wechtler is also a cheerleader and is in band. She shot a great 50 for the conditions. Next, our number three is junior Abby Shaw. Abby does track and field in the spring and shot a 58. Finally your author, a sophomore, is in Student Senate and many other clubs, and I shot a 60.

Then for the match Wednesday against Rocky River High School at home, we gave it our all despite the soggy conditions. Paige Sexstella beat her personal record with a 37 Wednesday. Finally the numbers were added up: we were winning by one shot. Unfortunately, when Rocky River’s four and five came in, it changed for the worse. We were now tied with Rocky River. Eventually after much suspension we won the tie breaker!



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