Freshmen Thoughts on Homecoming

Freshman Thoughts and Worries on Homecoming

By Chloe Thornburg

Have you ever given homecoming any serious thought? I mean most people at Elyria Catholic have been to homecoming at least once. When was the last time someone considered what a freshman thinks about it?  I mean probably when you were a freshman, right? Well, flashback to then and let me put you in that freshman perspective once again!

If you’re a girl then you’ll understand this completely so to all the guys here’s a little insight on some girls’ beauty drama! So, the first thing a girl usually thinks about is her dress. I personally love that part because I get to go shopping. Other girls freak out because they have to go shopping and there might not be enough time or you might not like going shopping (I used to hate it) but don’t worry girls I got you covered. My friend, Caroline Zawtocki, has made some lists of sites, stores, and people that you can contact to get your perfect dress. That is, if you’re waiting until the last minute like me and you still don’t have a dress. Next would be your date. I know that some girls just want to go with their friends and maybe dance with someone there but others want the whole “hoco-proposal”. Do not worry, most of the girls that are going to homecoming probably don’t have a date either. There will probably be some guys there too who don’t have dates. Not having a date is not bad! Do not worry! Just a little reassurance to calm your nerves if you were worried about finding a date. The most important thing you have to do is make sure you have fun with your friends. Your homecoming night is a night that you’re supposed to spend with your friends, so, have fun, don’t worry, and dance like nobody’s watching!

Now gentlemen, don’t run away just yet because now it’s your turn. Honestly, someone is probably freaking out making sure you have all of your stuff together, so that you look nice. Caroline will put some sites that you can check out, as well as some stores you can look at for suits. You don’t have to worry about your suit and flowers (if you’re bringing a date).  We’ve got you covered.

Overall, the freshman perspective of homecoming is the basics that, I’m pretty sure, everyone worries about: the girl’s dress, the guy’s suit, and the struggle of finding a date. But in the end everyone worries about the same things and from what I’ve heard from the upperclassmen, you’re going to have a blast!


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