Welcome Miss Ciarrone

–by Celina Seo

I recently had the pleasure to interview our new religion teacher, Miss Ciarrone. She was delighted to share her story for us, the students of Elyria Catholic, since this is her first year.

Ms. Ciarrone is the youngest of three girls in a Catholic family. A fun fact! Her oldest sister is Sister Anna Rose, and she is one of the students who Mr. Juguilon taught. A picture of Sister Anna Rose is hanging on the wall in Mr. Juguilon’s classroom. Also, our youth minister Ms. Sarah Lanzola was Ms.Ciarrone’s youth minister! It really is a small world after all. She double majored in theology and catechetics at Franciscan University. Although she wanted to become a youth minister, she got an opportunity to teach religion to students. And BINGO! That was the call from God. She came to Elyria Catholic High School as her first year and according to her, her first year is going swimmingly. Even though she finds it challenging to set up lesson plans or manage class time, she enjoys working with the teenagers’ unpredictability. She loves getting to know all of us and the more she learns about us, the more she loves us.

In her free time, she likes to spend time with her lovely nephew and niece, eat delicious food (especially breakfast and brunch food), play ukulele and paint. Her favorite saints are Agnes of Rome, Joan of Arc, and Maria Gorati. These great saints help her to develop goals for her life and set excellent examples for her. Her favorite candies are Kit Kats, so don’t steal her Kit Kats, y’all!

I am grateful that Miss Ciarrone chose our school. As one of her students, I have experienced her passion for religion and teaching. I hope she has a long career at ECHS.