Soccer Stars

-by Patrick Delaney

As the soccer season has come to a close, we wanted to interview a few people from the team to see what their opinion was. For instance, the main question that was asked was how they thought the season went? Senior Brad Kelling says, “Despite a rough start, this season was a lot of fun. It was great to reunite with the man who coached me for JV my freshman year. Coach Jason will take the program to great places in the coming years, and I thank him for such a fun year.” Freshman Sean Bryson believed that overall, the season went pretty well. However, he does not believe that the season should have ended against Independence. The head coach of the soccer program, Jason Kempton says, “The season went pretty well, but we missed a couple goals of ours this year.” Out of the four main goals, Coach believes that only two of them were completed. Our Panther soccer team completed the task of increasing their goal percentage by 23 goals. They also completed the goal of gelling together as a team. He says, “We definitely accomplished this. 19 of the 22 players recorded a Varsity stat and every player was given a chance to play in all the regular season matches.” The two goals that they plan on completing in the future is to decrease the goals against us and get back to District Champs.

Next, we asked Coach Jason, “Do you think that your team’s overall record truly represents your season? He does not believe that the Panther soccer team’s record represents how good their team is and their worth. He says, “We play one of the toughest conferences (Great Lake Conference) in the area.” As for what they needed to work on for next season, Coach is positive that next year’s record will improve for sure.


As for Sean Bryson, we asked him if he enjoyed his first season. Sean’s response is a heartfelt one. He says, “I definitely enjoyed this season. I could feel the energy from the EC community. Everyone was so kind and accepting; I felt welcomed within a week of practice. Thanks to the captains and the rest of the team for making my Freshmen season one to remember.”

Next, we asked Brad what was one memory from this year he will always remember and if there were any thoughts of continuing his soccer career. Brad’s favorite memory from this season would either be him scoring a hat-trick against Parma for the win or him bagging two goals and three assists against Wellington. He says, “Both were great days with great overall team efforts.” Brad, as of right now, is planning on attending either Cleveland State University or the University of Akron. This is not set in stone and has not yet decided if he would like to play in college. Whatever his choice is, we hope him the best.

Finally, we asked Sean and Coach Jason on whether or not they were looking forward to next season? Sean is very excited for his up and coming sophomore season. He cannot wait and is most excited to get to play again on the same field with his teammates. He also believes that next year they will for sure pull through and win districts. As for Coach Jason, he feels the same way. The Panthers are supposedly set on getting ten new freshmen coming in. This will enable the soccer program to make a JV team. Therefore, it will let everyone get more playing time, and will set the basis of the program for improvement. So, as you can see, there will be many changes coming up in the near future, and no matter what happens, the Elyria Catholic community will always be there to root you guys on!