Homecoming Traditions

-by Katie Arendash

Elyria Catholic homecoming 2017 meant tradition. Tradition is one of the five pillars that we say everyday for school announcements. This tradition could not be explain it though it is in all of us. This kind of tradition start off with an meaningful mass to celebrate with our Lord and Savior. One of the other things is the dress downs. The theme for this year salad dressing and jersey day. This was one of the many traditions that students look forward to. Friday of the homing coming day was  memorable for the students because of the rock blessing, rally, and best of all talent show. At the Friday night of the beautiful homecoming game as former Queen, Natalie Fisher,  the new homecoming King, Jakab Hwaong, and Queen, Ashley Cascio. Which was not the only thing that was exciting Elyria Catholic also took by storm Parma Sr. school beating them by the score of 38-6. On Saturday night, many students dance the night away with sleek grown blue gowns and black shirt with black s. One of my favorite memories was when Miss Keppler took the dance floor their groovy moves. This is not only one of the memorable memories one of a students said, “Hanging out with friends”.  Another student said, “ the music”. A third student said, “ dancing with my crush”.  One best of the traditions at the dance for the homecoming court to have a dance together. This is amazing for it is bittersweet for their last homecoming to watch them dance for the last time at homecoming. Overall, this week was a rollercoaster between all the activations, but all the traditions of 2017 Homecoming help us to remember the integrable people who have came before.