Meet the Tennis Team

-Celina Seo

When the sky is filled with rays of sunlight, the girls tennis team of Elyria Catholic occupies EC tennis court in Lorain County Community College. While tennis is a popular sport around the world, not a lot of people in our school try out. Yet this year, we have 12 players: Macie Boehm, Natalie Byrne, Victoria Collins, Paige Flatley, Caroline Heitz, Amaya Kender,  Celina Seo, Paige Smith, Rachel Smith, Becca Waltos, Abbey Yenko, and Elizabeth Zimmer. Pressure of high school, winning, losing, and tiring practices are something that high school athletes are going through. All of these led us to a stronger bond and to become more than just teammates to each to others. And I, as a part of the tennis team and the newspaper club, had the great pleasure to interview these special girls and an amazing coach.

First question I asked was, “Why did you join the tennis team?” Most of the girls joined the tennis team because their siblings and friends convinced them. Some girls were interested and wanted to participate in fall sports. However, I received unique responses from Becca Waltos, a senior and Paige Flatley, also a senior. Becca joined tennis because she needed a gym credit, and Paige simply answered, “Why not?” When asked what the best part of being on a tennis team was, most of the girls agreed on having family-like-friends and memories with each others. Stating a quote from Natalie Byrne, a freshmen, “The team is really close and everyone is so nice to each other.” Although Paige Flatley said her favorite thing was hitting people with her tennis balls. By now, anyone should be able to tell that Paige is our favorite. The last question for the girls was “Are there any episodes that you remember during tennis?” This time, Rachel

Smith, a sophomore, had a story for us. Before the match, she went to McDonald’s and  had unexpectedly got a Happy Meal set because the cashier took the wrong order. So, there was stickers for children and she gave some to girls on the other team. “They seemed very confused” she said.

While the tennis girls are like a flock of a wild geese, fortunately the school had someone who can lead us and teach us how to play tennis. Her name is Mrs. Dennis Corts and she also teaches US government in Elyria Catholic. Mrs. Corts played women’s tennis and eventually the former administrator, Mr. Wisnor, offered her to coach girl’s tennis team. She said she was thrilled to oblige to the offer. I asked her what she loves about coaching the tennis team. Like coach like students, she said, “We (myself & the tennis girls) are a smaller group so I really get to know each of them and they become an extended family, they are great young ladies on and off the court!,” She also said,  “Also, I get to play more tennis!” to show her unstoppable devotion to tennis. I concluded the interview by asking her about our progress so far. Mrs. Corts gave me a happy news that we are 3-1 in our GLC so we are doing great, and she predicted that we are going to finish our season strong this year.

I have been in the EC tennis team for two years now, and everytime I look back at my footsteps of my freshmen year, I think it is one of the best decisions I have ever made in high school. I am proud to share my high school experience with the EC girls tennis team.