Fantastic Freshmen!

-By Cailyn Dages, Liz Wenner, and Madelyn Wechter


Madelyn Wechter, Cailyn Dages, and Liz Wenner had the opportunity to interview freshmen and freshmen teachers. Mrs. Finicle teaches biology to the freshmen and  Mr. Juguilon is the freshmen religion teacher where he goes into graphic details about our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. As we were welcoming the new freshmen we went and asked Skye Paslawski and Jacob Walther how they were liking the school year so far and how is it a big difference from 8th grade. Every year the freshmen personalities change, and it’s not just the kids that see it, the teacher always see it as well. We can already tell that these freshmen are going to have a fun journey that awaits them.


Mr. Juguilon is the freshmen religion teacher and he makes class fun and exciting for them to understand his teaching. He goes and interacts with them by making them stand up in front of the class to do some crazy things. Mr. Juguilon would run around his class room acting like a monkey and even pour water on kids heads. Mr. Juguilon goes to the extents of saying “Every class has it own particular flavor, which makes it interesting from year to year.” Mr. Juguilon is not just a religion teacher, he also is in charge of the plays, film club, and movies. He has already cast main roles to some of the freshmen. Mr. Juguilon said, “these freshmen have a lot of intelligence and talent.” Mr. Juguilon is not the only teacher that we interviewed, Mrs. Finicle has an appealing opinion about the freshmen as well.


Mrs. Finicle is one of the new staff members to this school, but she was here last year as a substitute teacher.  Over the last year she has been here she did see some changes in the freshmen’s as well. Mrs. Finicle is the freshman biology teacher. She said, “the freshmen behavior has calmed down and changed maturely.” She goes on and says she loves every single one of the kids she gets and loves the experience she is having. During her class she has seen a lot of friendship and love between the kids, but between the freshmen now and before they have been fabulous.

The teachers think that this group of freshmen is a pleasure to have, but now it is time to see what the freshmen think about it.


Jacob Walther is a good friend of ours that is full of fun and laughter. Jacob is part of the marching band where he met Madelyn Wechter, Lorissa Patton, Alexa Oberg, and many other great  kids who are part of the band. They later introduced him to us (Cailyn Dages and Liz Wenner). Jacob is enjoying his school year so far, he loves all the kids here at Elyria Catholic. He is even branching out more and expressing himself to the fullest. Jacob has also said he is liking his teachers and he is ready to see what’s to come. When you see Jacob you see he always has a smile on his face and is always in a happy mode. There is no way you would leave talking to Jacob without a smile. Jacob will make your day go  from bad to great in the matter of seconds. Jacob is not the only one we interview we also interview Skye Paslawski.


Skye Paslawski is a good friend of Cailyn Dages. Skye is trying out for the basketball team and he is in film club. Skye likes all his teachers and says they are interesting teacher. He is hoping for a great year and to meet new people. He wants to branch out more and do as many things as he can. Skye has an interesting personality and always with his friends you can say he a very social person. He always on his feet doing something and he ready for anything. The freshmen this year is ready for the adventure that’s awaits them.



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