Panthers on the Move: Leah Nagel

–by Kayla Jesse

Leah Nagel glides across the ice with the Mentor Ice Diamonds. Leah has been skating for about nine years in total, but this will be her seventh year doing synchro.

She first fell in love with skating when her best friend at the time did it, so she thought it would fun and something new to start.

Leah enjoys performing at competitions and getting to travel to different places. She has been to Oregon, Minnesota and North Dakota with her teammates.

Her teammates are her biggest supporters. They have gone through everything together throughout their many seasons. They have shared many laughs and tears together, but she knows her teammates will always be by her side through everything. L

eah’s biggest accomplishment so far is making it to the final rounds of sectionals in 2015 with her team. Leah states, “Going to nationals is my biggest goal for my team and I. We are all trying our hardest to make it.”

With Leah’s hardwork and dedication she can do anything she puts her mind to, so if you see her in the halls remember to wish her the best of luck!