Bye or Buy?

–by Madeline Bierek

In today’s article of Buy or Bye, we will be discussing new makeup on the market. Have you heard of the Modern Renaissance? Yes, the palette with 4.8 stars from 15,000 reviews.

Personally, I love this palette so when I heard a “sister palette” was coming out, I was beyond excited. The new Subculture palette would have 14 single eyeshadows as well as a brush. This palette was designed for more grungy or bold looks.

Once celebrities started to review this new palette, it got a lot of hate. I was able to try it out and talk to the people at Sephora about the Subculture.

“This product is so incredibly hard to blend and the colors change once put on to your eye,¨ said one worker.

For the same price as the Modern Renaissance I would buy that palette again and say bye to the Subculture.