Marvelous Miss Kruger

–by Natalie Ristic

While walking through the halls, you may have noticed that Room 203 is finally occupied with a teacher.  This new and exciting addition to the Elyria Catholic family is Mrs. Kruger.

Mrs. Kruger teaches American Literature to the Junior students, American Literature to the Honors Sophomore students, and Theatre; she is also the SADD Coordinator at Elyria Catholic.

Since her favorite class she took her Junior year was American Literature, she was thrilled to be given the opportunity to teach a class that has had a tremendous impact on her life.  After all, it was the most memorable class she has ever taken.  

Seeing that Mrs. Kruger was raised in an education-oriented household, it was easy for her to picture herself working in a school setting.  Also, since she had seven younger siblings, she was familiar with and enjoyed working with kids.  

However, she was not always interested in being an English teacher.  Surprisingly, Mrs. Kruger started off as a Spanish major.  Yet, she switched her major to English her sophomore year because she had already taken seven years of Spanish and was not fluent.

Even though she originally wanted to be a Spanish teacher, her favorite subject was always English.  Although Spanish was never her favorite subject, she wanted to be a Spanish teacher because she thought it would be less difficult to find a Spanish-teaching job.    

Nevertheless, the subject she dreaded the most was science.  The reason for this was because she was never intrigued by the subject, so it did motivate her to try and make an effort to grasp it.  

Mrs. Kruger graduated from Westlake High School.  There, she played soccer and was a part of Leadership Challenge; this group fundraised and organized some events, like Powderpuff Football.

The student body of Westlake High School was admirable to her because the students actually took school seriously; this caused more engaged discussions within her classes.  

Mrs. Kruger graduated from Cleveland State University, and she loved that it was located in an urban area.  Even though Cleveland State has countless students enrolled there, she appreciated the fact that it seemed like a small school because the campus was not heavily populated.

Obviously, Mrs. Kruger loves to read and write.  On the other hand, she does take more pleasure in writing.  Writing became more of an organizational aspect in her life when she decided to switch majors; she views writing as a “powerful tool in figuring out your own thoughts.”

Out of all the novels she has read, it was exceedingly tough for her to choose a favorite.  When it came down to it, she stated that her favorite book was To Kill A Mockingbird because she found it captivating, and she thought it had a fascinating perspective on American history.

Also, when asked what her favorite movie adaptation of a novel was, she expressed that she enjoyed the Harry Potter Series.  A play that she finds the most pleasureable is Our Town because she likes how the characters incorporate the audience in the action.  

Mrs. Kruger loves the friendly and welcoming atmosphere Elyria Catholic students and staff have to offer.  She is grateful that the students are excellent listeners and that they are receptive to learning.  

Elyria Catholic is very much how she had anticipated it would be.  However, the size of the school is a new experience for her because she went to a school where there was an abundance of students; her graduating class at Westlake High School was almost as numerous as the amount of people enrolled at Elyria Catholic.

When applying for jobs, she did not have a preference regarding what type of school she would teach at.  Actually, most of her teaching experiences were at public schools.  Her only predilection would have been to have an urban job.  

Mrs. Kruger is not really astonished about any of the parts of being a teacher.  She was already aware that teaching required hard work; not much came as a surprise for her because she has been student teaching for a year and a half.  

In her opinion, the qualities an exceptional teacher possesses is the ability to have a positive attitude and enjoy being around kids.  Also, she thinks it is important to try and become familiar with the students.  Otherwise, a teacher will not know if the students will have a positive response to the lessons being taught.

Obviously, not everyone is enthusiastic about coming to school in the morning, so Mrs. Kruger tries to make the class more entertaining.  She accomplishes this by starting off the class asking us about things other than school, and she makes an effort to plan compelling lessons, so the class does not feel like it is dragging on forever.  

Mrs. Kruger had a teacher her freshman and junior year of high school by the name of Mrs. Norem; this teacher is the teacher that Mrs. Kruger strives to resemble.  Mrs. Noren was one of the reasons Mrs. Kruger became a teacher.  This impactful teacher made Mrs. Kruger thrilled to come to school.

If Mrs. Kruger was currently not a teacher, she sees herself working in Human Resources for a company or even something in more of a team setting.  Also, her dad is a coder, and he said that she could always end up being a coder; however, she is not sure she would be delighted in that profession.  

In ten years, Mrs. Kruger sees herself going back to earn her Master’s Degree, but she is not sure what she would have it in.  She sees herself being in the field of education somewhere; she has considered being a guidance counselor, a Vice Principal, or to continue teaching.

After the student body has the chance to know a little more about this new teacher, they will be eager to have her in the following years.  Mrs. Kruger is a friendly, hard-working, empathetic, and personable person that everyone must be given the wonderful opportunity to meet.